What is digital Music System?

Digital System is a money earning feature. You can sell your own songs & music in our website. With Digital Music system you can:
Sell your own music, with admin commissions.

What is Events System?

Events System is a money earning feature, users can create events and sell their tickets on Wongelnet.
With Events system you can:
- Create real/online events.
- Sell tickets, with admin commissions.

How much commission will I be charged for from a sale?

Sales commission is currently set to 15%. This money will be used for maintaining the site and wongelnet mobile apps.

How Store System Payment works?

One time payment, paid by user's wallet.

What is Store System?

Store System is a money earning feature, users can sell their products in our website, with Store system. You can:
1) Upload products related to your songs.
2) Sell your own goods and earn money.

What is CPC, CPI?

-CPC mean Cost per click, how much will the system charge the user for ad click?
-CPI mean Cost per impression, how much will the system charge the user from ad view?

How Advertising System Payment works?

CPC, CPI, paid by user's wallet.

What is Advertising System?

Advertising System is a money earning feature, you can post ads in the website, with Advertising system. You can:
1) Upload Image Ads, to home page, sidebar and profile pages.
2) Upload Audio Ads, play audio ads before the song starts, charged by CPC.
3) Pay by CPC/CPM.
4) Monetizing songs and earn money from advertisers.

How Pro System Payment works?

Pro System Payment is a monthly subscription, paid from your wallet.

What is Pro System?

Pro System is a monthly subscription feature. With Pro system you can:
Upload unlimited songs.
Get Pro Badge (On profile picture).
Show your songs on Spotlight page.
Download songs and more.

How to become an artist?

Users can become artists from Account DropDown Menu -> Become an artist.

What is Artists System?

With Artists System, you will have more features. After becoming an artist, you can:
-Get verified.
-Sell Songs.
-Create Events.
-Get Special Looking Profile.
-Sell Products.

Can I advertise my new business to reach people?

If reach is your goal, we try to deliver your ads to as many unique listeners as possible. This can help get your products, services, or brand discovered.

What is the cost of advertising on Wongelnet?

You can advertise on any budget with Wongelnet ads and run campaigns that help drive results. Whether you’re a global brand or a local business, get your message heard and spend what’s right for you.

What kind of media is supported for display ads?

Thank you for your interest! We support HD images and banner ads professionally created in adobe premier or in html5. If you need help with creating the graphics please send the text (Copy Paste) and we will be happy to create for you.

I am Interested in advertising, how do I get started?

Thank you for your interest! If you are interested in advertising on wongelnet, please use the contact us form to reach out and we will be happy to work with you.

I forgot my password, how do I reset password?

If you don't remember your password, use password reset.

If you don't remember your email or username, go to password reset and enter possible email addresses you own. When you enter an email that's registered with Wongelnet, you get the message that the password reset email was sent.

Note: There are a few ways to sign up, e.g. with email, phone number, Facebook, Evangadi or Google. Try logging in with these to find your account.

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