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    1.) Can I design and send my own ad and to be posted for free ?

    • Yes. You can send the ad by filling out the form shown above. Make sure your ad (graphic) is correct size.

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    • Minimum the ad will be posted for two months.

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    • Dedicated page can be used to advertsie new album,video and among other things. The page may include sample audio or video, album ordering information, album cover graphic and etc.



Last Ten Albums Posted
1. Addis Ababa Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus
2. Debritu Mesfin
  Alama Alew
3. Dereje G/mariam (Hamona)
  'Engida Nege
4. Fedhasa Mikael
  Haa Ga'u
5. Fedhasa Mikael
6. Fedhasa Mikael
  Vol. #1
7. Sisay Tegegn
  Fiker Gid Bilo
8. Getahun Tadesse
9. Getahun Heramo
10. Misseker Bereketab
  Kezenha Yebeltal


Last Ten Teachings Posted
1. የዔፌሶን መልእክት - ክፍል 11
  Pastor Bedilu Yirga
2. የዔፌሶን መልእክት - ክፍል 10
  Pastor Bedilu Yirga
3. የዔፌሶን መልእክት - ክፍል 9
  Pastor Bedilu Yirga
4. ማራናታ
  Pastor Bekele Woldekidan
5. በየወንጌል ኃይል
  Pastor Dawit Adege
6. የዔፌሶን መልእክት - ክፍል 8
  Pastor Bedilu Yirga
7. የዔፌሶን መልእክት - ክፍል 7
  Pastor Bedilu Yirga
8. የዔፌሶን መልእክት - ክፍል 6
  Pastor Bedilu Yirga
9. የዔፌሶን መልእክት - ክፍል 5
  Pastor Bedilu Yirga
10. የዔፌሶን መልእክት - ክፍል 4
  Pastor Bedilu Yirga